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it is first of all a passion, which has become my job.


To be a photographer is to have the rare privilege of being able to live off your passion.It is for this purpose that I, Steven Lehr, of Swiss origin and more precisely from Lausanne, made my dream a reality.

I am particularly lucky to collaborate with the watch brand Zenith in order to cover their events as well as Triumph.


specialized in events, my objective and my ambitions are to make your event an exceptional memory. Not only by my working method, discreet and spontaneous, but above all thanks  in search of emotion and present moments.

Your feeling and your ease are essential to the success of a sensational session.

Open-minded and attentive to your needs, I am available throughout Switzerland and on request abroad.  

My services are flexible and tailor-made according to your wishes. My team and I are at your entire disposal.

Le photographe
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